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  • How does Smallfunyworld work?
    It's as simple as that: First of all, you have to sign up and create an attractive profile for yourself; tell us who you are and why you love being a tour guide. Upload the best photos and videos of the places that you are going to show to your visitors and, of course, let us know what kind of tours you propose. Example: if you are a resident in Paris, you could be proposing the following tours: Bastille neighbourhood Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées Notre-Dame de Paris + La Seine etc etc Next step: set your availability; for practical reasons it will only be possible to update your availability maximum two weeks ahead, and the minimum duration of your available time should be 1 (one) hour. Don't worry, you can close /modify your availability at any moment. As soon as a visitor books you, you will no longer appear available for this specific date and time. Last but not least: set your price. Keep in mind factors such as: your knowledge around the place you are showing, how popular this place is and of course the local hourly rates. Remember to start off with a lower price when you still have no reviews, in order to attract as many visitors as possible, build yourself a reputation and eventually to be able to set your prices higher in the future! After you have successfully created your profile, you need to be patient until a visitor sends you your first request. You can check and update your profile regularly, because a high level of activity will bring you higher in the guides list of your city.
  • What do I need to become a tour guide?
    The starter kit for a new tour guide is nothing complicated, all you need is a smartphone with a high quality camera, internet data and most importantly… Confidence!! Anyone can become a tour guide, as long as they feel like it and are confident while talking to people on video call. A good level of English would be helpful, otherwise you could attract visitors who speak the language you feel comfortable with. For example, if you are French and you live in Singapore do not hesitate to write it down on your profile and attract visitors who would love to get their tour in french language!!
  • What will make me a successful tour guide?
    There is no magic recipe in becoming a popular, skilled tour guide. Success is a mix of determination, passion, knowledge, natural charisma and of course, practice. We cannot guarantee that your first tour won't be a stressful experience, nor that you'll do great from the first second. We can promise you though that you will get better with every tour and if you are really motivated to build a reputation as an efficient, fun and engaging tour guide, you can make it. You could use some more help? Leave it on us! Sign up and you will soon receive a handy manual with tips and hints on how to rock your tours, initiate conversation, engage your visitor and to never have a dull moment during your video calls.
  • How do I get paid? Is there any risk?
    Once the tour is booked, the visitor receives a notification that they need to pay for the tour in advance , otherwise it will be marked unpaid and therefore the video call will not start. Our application receives the payment from the visitor and processes the payment to your account after the tour is completed. You can withdraw the amount available towards your bank account any time you wish. There is no risk of losing your payment or your time!

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