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2020 was the year that changed everything! Everyday habits, work routines, little pleasures such as visiting our loved ones, enjoying the sun, going out for a coffee..suddenly became restricted, dangerous, forbidden, "unnecessary". And of course, there was also traveling, which took the hardest hit. Right at its highest glory,  becoming easy and accessible to more and more people, thanks to technology, the internet and advanced transportation means. It suddenly froze. It became a distant dream for most of us, or a super complicated
process which was far from being relaxing and enjoyable.


Nowdays, as we traverse the first half of 2022, things could be seen as slightly better. The vaccine is here to help out with the battle against a vicious virus, health passports and certificates have become a necessity in order to regain our lost freedom and some parts of the world can breathe again - but this is not the end of the story. A big part of the world is going through new lockdowns, new restrictions and traveling still seems like a
distant dream for many of us.


In April 2020,in the early days of the European lockdown, I found myself facing the first consequences of the new global "order". Being the owner of a small hostel in Greece, I realised that my upcoming problems were evolving around two main axes: freedom and money. And I was surely not the only one, as most of us were more or less affected in one or both of those domains. Then, the idea for the Smallfunnyworld App was born. Virtual tours could become a solution not only for those who needed an extra income - and a feeling of being useful again - but also for those, stuck at home, needing to keep in touch with the world, live new experiences, meet new people, escape their routine. As if everything was normal!


Does this mean that our virtual tours expect to "replace" normality and live experiences? Definitely not!! It's not about temporary remplacements! It's about remembering we are social human beings and even though a certain pandemic taught us we are supposed to avoid human contact, it doesn't mean we should lose our interest in other people, cultures, places, countries, religions.


And most importantly, the mission of Smallfunnyworld is to keep the travel spirit alive and our hearts warm until we all meet again, somewhere in our lovely planet..!

Let’s Work Together


Kalamiotou 25

10560, Athens

Tel: +30 693 629 11 55

Tel: +324 854 594 01


1000, Brussels

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